Frequently asked questions

What is Reconsitiuted Limestone?

Reconsitiuted Limestone is natural limestone taken from the ground, crushed and mixed with water & cement, before being compressed in our block making machine to create blocks in various sizes that have the beauty of Limestone with the strength of concrete.

Does Jaffa Limestone need to be sealed?

As Reconsitiuted Limestone is a manufactured product and does not turn black with age as natural limestone can. It does however, discolour as a result of other elements such as mineral deposits in bore water or mineral deposits/dirt transported by wind or other means. Sealing will reduce the likelihood of discolouration. We recommend using a penatration selaer over a surface sealer.

Where can I purchase Jaffa Limestone?

We do not sell direct to the public, you can find one of our Stockists listed on our web page.

How many blocks are required per Sqm.

1000x350x350 Block - 3 x blocks per sqm 1000x500x350 Block - 2 x blocks per sqm 500x350x240 Block - 5.5 x blocks per sqm 500x350x110 Block - 5.5 x blocks per sqm 500x240x110 Block - 8 x blocks per sqm 390x190x190 Hollow Core Block - 13 x blocks per sqm

What mortar mix do you recommend?

The mortar mix can vary depending on the sand used and other factors. It is recommended that you make a sample first and allow to dry to comapre against the Limestone block. Suggested Mortar Mix: 8 parts Yellow Brick Sand 2 parts Brightonlite Cement 1 Part Lime

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