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  • What is Reconsitiuted Limestone?
    Reconsitiuted Limestone is where natural limestone is taken from the ground, crushed and mixed with water & cement, before being compressed in our block making machine to create blocks that have the beauty of limestone with the strength of concrete.
  • How many blocks per pallet
    Square or Round Edge Blocks 1000x350x350 = 6 per pallet Heavy Duty Wall Stone 1000x500x350 = 4 per pallet Building Stone 500x240x110 = 54 per pallet Paver 500x350x110 = 36 per pallet
  • Where can I purchase Jaffa Limestone?
    We do not sell direct to the public, you can find one of our Stockist listed on our web page
  • Does Limestone need to be sealed?
    Reconsitiued Limestone is a manufactured product and does not turn black with age as natual limestone can. It does, however, discolour as a result of other elements such as mineral deposits in bore water or mineral deposits/dirt transported by wind or other means. Sealing will reduce the likelihood of discolouration.
  • What mortar mix do we use?
    The mortar mix can vary, depending on the sand used and other factors. It is recomended that you make a sample first, allow mortar to dry and compare against the Limestone. Suggested Mortar Mix 8 parts Yellow Brick Sand 2 parts Brightonlite Cement 1 parts Lime
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